Changes to Courses

Occasionally, we too are forced to deal with unexpected situations and will make a change, or changes, to a course’s location, instructor, starting date, content, or other details. Niagara College reserves this right in order to maintain learning integrity.

Cancellation of Courses

While we regret having to cancel courses, we reserve the right to do so. In the event that course cancellations are deemed necessary, registered students will receive cancellation notices via e-mail.  Students will have the option to transfer to another class/course or receive a full refund.

Cancellation of Courses due to Campus Closure

College closures (including closures due to bad weather) will be posted in a notification bar at the top of every Niagara College webpage. In addition, closures are announced via social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and via local radio stations.

Students may register for the NC Alert system, which will notify them via text when a closure or interruption occurs.

For more information about closures please visit the Inclement Weather and Closures page.

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