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  • Type: Professional Association Equivalency ( What's this?)
  • Delivery: Self-Guided
Not OSAP Eligible

Prepare to obtain your ISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification and gain the knowledge needed to pursue more advanced studies in networking.

CISCO believes the most important change to the network experience is with them. They see a future where the network is the platform. A network that is no longer used just for transactions, but for real-time collaboration to deliver the experience anytime and anywhere. CISCO will not only change the way the world works, lives, plays and learns – it will change life experiences.

Niagara College, in partnership with CISCO, offers 3 courses which will provide you with knowledge of CISCO networking technology at the associate level, preparing you to obtain the CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification.

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Prerequisites may be required for these courses. Please refer to individual course descriptions for specific requirements.

Type Satisfies Requirement Course
Required -- COMP1949 – CCNA 1 Introduction
Required -- COMP1950 – CCNA 2 Essentials
Required -- COMP1951 – CCNA 3 Enterprise
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Equivalency Information

Students who complete one or all of the courses can apply them towards the CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification offered by CISCO.

Visit www.cisco.com for more information.

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How to Apply

Students do not apply to professional association equivalencies. Instead, they are self-guided. Enrol in and successfully complete each course listed on the Courses tab – on your own time and schedule. Fees are paid on a per-course basis.

What courses are currently available?

Course availability may vary term-to-term, so be sure to check the Courses list often for upcoming offerings.

On the Courses tab click the course name to see upcoming classes for that course. If a class if available important information such as the course description, fees, and date/time will be displayed. Click the Register Now button next to your class of choice to enrol and pay through our secure checkout system.

Can I complete this program online?

Check the Courses tab for the list of required courses. Courses will indicate if they are available online, in-class, or a combination of both (hybrid).

How do I obtain my equivalency?

The method to obtain your equivalency will vary by professional association. Read the information on the Equivalency Information tab provided carefully.


Carefully read the Equivalency information tab for further details. Additional registration steps may be required by the certifying association.

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