How-to: Applicants – Review my Documents

1) Log in to MyNC.

2) Go to the Dashboard.

Once you are logged into MyNC click on the Dashboard icon.

3) Look for “My Documents”.

Look for the “My Documents” section.

If you see any items listed in the My Documents section, you should click the “View” link(s) to check whether or not you have any additional program requirements.

A screenshot from MyNC showing an example of a View link
A "view" link is shown highlighted in red above.
“View” Links

Clicking on a ‘View’ link will open a PDF that will include important program information.

Need more help?

If you need further assistance with your application, you can contact the Admissions office. Admissions contact information is available on the MyNC Dashboard.

How-to Guides Library

More guides are available! A library of how-to guides are available in multiple subject areas, including MyNC navigation, timetables and electives, and more.

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