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Faculty Webinar: Intro to NC Course Site Checklist

5月30日上午10:30 - 11:30 am


How can we improve our application of eLearning platforms and tools to better support student learning?

The CAE has developed a checklist to help you optimize the digital learning experiences that you create. This checklist is informed by the Quality Matters framework, an internationally recognized and evidence informed benchmark for high-quality digital learning experiences. Our hope is that that checklist will help you to analyze and identify potential refinements for your online course sites. 检查表, while focused on digital learning elements, is applicable to all course delivery modes, whether fully online, 混合动力, 或者面对面的.

Join us for this session where staff from the CAE will introduce you to the checklist and how you can apply it to reflect upon and enhance your digital teaching practices.

Register for this online webinar via the CAE website.


上午10:30 - 11:30




Centre for Academic Excellence

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