Withdraw from your Program

Domestic Students

Complete a Withdrawal from Program Form and submit it by email to [email protected] from your NC student email address.

We encourage you to meet with your Academic Advisor before submitting a request to withdraw.

Part-Time Studies students can find additional refund and withdrawal information on the Part-Time Studies website.

International Students

The withdrawal process at Niagara College is designed to ensure that you, as an international student, are well informed.

Visit the International Withdrawal and Refund Process web page and carefully read the information provided. As part of your request you will be required to attend two meetings with Advisors.


In accordance with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities Tuition Fee Operating Procedures, students must submit formal written notification within 10 business days of the beginning of a semester to receive a refund of fees for the current term. Written notification can be made by following the instructions above. If you do not officially withdraw with the Enrolment Services Office you will be responsible for the payment of all fees assessed, even if you do not attend classes or if your OSAP is denied. Non-attendance, telling your professor, or your OSAP being denied does not constitute an official withdrawal. Please follow the instructions above to officially withdraw from your program. If you are unable to attend because your OSAP was denied, please contact Student Accounts by email at [email protected] to discuss payment options.


Domestic Students

Visit the Refunds page for more information.

International Students

Visit the International Withdrawal and Refund Process web page for more information about our refund policy.

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