Students must have access to a desktop or laptop computer that meets program-specific requirements noted on the admissions requirements section of their program website.

In general and for programs that have no program-specific computer technology requirements, students are responsible for ensuring that they have a Microsoft Windows 10 based desktop or laptop system that meets or exceeds the following general personal computer technology requirements:

  • A desktop or laptop system running on an updated Microsoft Windows 10 operating system – Minimum 265GB SSD storage and 8 GB memory.
  • An integrated or peripheral video camera, microphone and speaker system;
  • Reliable internet connectivity with Broadband capabilities (a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps);
  • Academic software for your courses (supported under the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system), will be made available for download and remote use.
  • Access will also be provided to remote high performance computer labs if software downloads are not feasible.

For most programs, the recommendation remains to have a MS Windows 10 computer for optimal experience and for ease of downloading academic software. If you are taking a program in the school of Media Studies, specific program requirements will be posted to those program pages by July 10, and many of those will require a Mac.  

For all other programs, the reliability of remote connections to college computers and software cannot be guaranteed for Macbook and Chromebook users. Students assume the risk of a compromised virtual experience if they choose to participate without the recommended technology. 

The Microsoft Office suite products that are available free to Niagara students though Office 365 do have versions that work with Macbooks and Chromebooks, and the majority of the internet-based applications will work as well. 然而, some program-specific software is designed to run on Windows 10, and a successful download of those applications cannot be guaranteed. Our Learning Management System (LMS) at Niagara is Blackboard, and while students can access Blackboard through an internet browser, for some assignments and tests there is a layer of security that uses a proctored browser. The proctored browser will not function on Macbooks nor Chromebooks.

The college is working on solutions for Mac and Chromebook users to remote access into our open access labs with Information Technology Solutions (ITS) control and support, but no such option exists at this time.

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