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  • 校园: Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • 代码: 0493 P0493
  • 交付: 3年
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Are you interested in a business career that allows you to interact with different countries and have a direct impact on the international economy?

As a 工商管理-international商务 graduate you have the skills to develop international business solutions across a wide range of industries in the increasingly competitive world economy.


  • Proximity to one of the world’s busiest international borders provides high-value experiential learning opportunities in international commerce.

  • Emphasizes real-world application of business theories and skills that compete on a global scale.

  • 有经验的教师.

  • Qualified graduates may apply for national Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation through the international贸易培训论坛 (下载).


有机会进入四年级 Honours 商业学士 Administration (International Commerce and Global Development) degree program. Successful graduates of this bridge receive a 3 year advanced diploma AND 4 year degree in under 5 years.


  • 业务分析师
  • 报关员或检查员
  • Federal, provincial, or local government trade specialist
  • 外国服务官
  • 对外贸易顾问/专家
  • 导入/导出管理员
  • international银行家、金融家或采购商
  • 跨国公司的销售代理
  • 研究分析师
  • 零售经理
  • 运输经理


Code 课程名称 学分
COMM1133 写作策略 3
INTL1100 international贸易基础 3
MKTG1301 市场营销原理 3
OPER1401 运营管理我 3
PERS1301 人力资源管理 3
MICR1493 计算机应用 3
Code 课程名称 学分
ACCT1198 财务会计概念 3
COMM1340 业务通信 3
ECON1441 宏观经济学 3
MATH1206 金融数学 3
MICR1583 电子表格应用程序 3
MKTG1320 专业销售我 3
Code 课程名称 学分
COMM1445 业务报告 3
INTL1211 international市场研究 3
INTL1420 市场进入战略 3
MATH1310 统计的概念 3
ACCT1300 管理会计 3

完成额外的普通教育选修课 1课程要求

Code 课程名称 学分
BUSN1155 加拿大商业法 3
INTL1310 international营销 3
INTL1330 international通信与规约 3
INTL1410 international贸易物流 3
MGMT1141 组织行为 3

完成额外的普通教育选修课 1课程要求

Code 课程名称 学分
BUSN1170 应用研究方法 3
INTL1510 international贸易法律问题 3
INTL1540 经济地理我 3
MICR1422 电子商务概论 3
ENTR1123 企业家 3
MGMT1314 企业资源规划 3
Code 课程名称 学分
BUSN1270 应用研究项目 3
INTL1610 管理贸易 3
INTL1630 international社会责任 3
MGMT1501 综合战略管理 3
INTL1320 international贸易融资 3

完成额外的商业选修课 1课程要求

OR Completion of additional Language Education elective 1课程要求

项目的结果 任期:1224
  • 行为 an environmental scan to evaluate the impact of world issues on an organization's international business opportunities.

  • 行为, evaluate and present market research to support an organization's international business decision-making.

  • prepare and analyze documentation and follow procedures to support the movement of products and services in the organization's global supply chain.

  • analyze the impact of statutory and regulatory compliance on an organization's integrative trade initiatives.

  • develop and implement strategies to negotiate effectively within various cultural environments and to address the impact of cultural differences on an organization's integrative trade initiatives.

  • 制定并提出international市场营销计划, and evaluate sales strategies that support an organization's integrative trade initiatives.

  • identify and interpret relevant international financial documents and assess financial strategies that support an organization's integrative trade initiatives.

  • analyze the impact of an organization's integrative trade initiatives on its human resources management strategies, 政策, 和实践

  • 制定并展示一份international商业计划.

  • plan, implement and evaluate team projects by applying project management principles.

  • 分析企业可持续发展的原则, 企业社会责任与道德, and apply them to an organization's integrative trade initiatives.

  • select and apply current technologies to support an organization's integrative trade initiatives.



Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), or equivalent including the following required course(s):
  • 英语- 12级(C)或(U)或同等水平

These courses and skills may help you succeed academically in this program, but they are 不是必需的 对入学.

  • 数学-任何12年级(C)或(U)

Applications are evaluated based on published admission requirements. When the applicant provides proof of meeting the requirements, 可以发出录取通知书, 如果程序中有可用的空间. In the event that the number of qualified applicants exceeds the available places—selection will be based on the most senior level final grade available in required courses at the time of ranking. 期中成绩不用于排名目的. Testing or other supplemental evaluation may be required.

了解更多关于 录取的决定.


Students are responsible for ensuring that they have a Microsoft Windows 10 based desktop or laptop system that meets or exceeds the following general personal computer technology requirements:

  • A desktop or laptop system running on an updated Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.
  • 至少265GB SSD硬盘和8gb内存.
  • An integrated or peripheral video camera, microphone and speaker system.
  • Reliable internet connectivity with Broadband capabilities (a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps) is recommended.

hjc黄金城 will not be able to provide support for systems different than the above specifications. 任何提供的软件可能无法正常运行. Academic software for your courses (supported under the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system) will be made available for download and remote use. Access will also be provided to remote high performance computer labs if software downloads are not feasible.

注意:有 不支持 适用于chromebook或苹果产品. (了解更多)

COVID-19 has impacted the de生活ry type (online vs on-campus) and computer/technology requirements of many hjc黄金城 programs. 由于新冠肺炎疫情的流动性, computer/technology requirements may be subject to change.



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2022年9月 开放
2023年1月 开放










international申请者 应用

To check the availability of this program to International applicants please click the button below.



你知不知道? Applicants with previous postsecondary education will be assessed for transfer credits upon receipt of an official transcript from their previous institution. 这项服务是免费的.

通道协议 工商管理-international商务:

通路 allow graduates of this program to receive credit toward programs at hjc黄金城, as well as other colleges and universities in 加拿大 and around the world.

  • 数控通路
    hjc黄金城 Honours 商业学士 Administration (International Commerce and Global Development)
    Students receive a 3 year advanced diploma AND 4 year degree in under 5 years.
  • 从 NC to
    阿萨巴斯卡大学 商务学士(深造文凭) 加拿大
  • 从 NC to
    阿萨巴斯卡大学 人力资源学士 & 劳动关系(加拿大工作证) 加拿大
  • 从 NC to
    阿萨巴斯卡大学 管理学士(后文凭)3年 加拿大
  • 从 NC to
    international贸易培训论坛 FITTskills程序 加拿大
  • 从 NC to
    格里菲斯大学 商业学士 澳大利亚



I came to hjc黄金城 to learn and gain a lot of experience, 为了将来能有一个好的事业. 到目前为止,我有一个伟大的经验. I like most of my online classes and I am doing well in most of them. I have gained computer and writing skills and I can’t wait to 了解更多 during the rest of my program.


The 工商管理-international商务 program has great benefits. It opens your mind and helps you plan out your future not only as an employee but also as an entrepreneur or investor.